They inspired a generation of footballers when they won their maiden AFLW Premiership, and now they’re capturing the hearts of the football fans of tomorrow through the Brisbane Lions’ new brand, The Sistergood.

With its AFLW stars front and centre of the distinct new brand, The Sistergood gives fans an up close and personal look at the lives and experiences of Brisbane’s AFLW stars through its own dedicated website and social media channels.

The platform will see players come together to share their personal stories and discuss the issues that impact young women and girls, including confidence, identity, self-expression, mental health and equality.

Brisbane Lions Head of Women’s Football, Breeanna Brock said that she is excited to see the Club introduce its AFLW stars to a new generation of sports fans.

“Over the last five years, we’ve seen how the creation of the AFLW has led to an explosion of the participation rates of women and girls in football,” Brock said.

“As a Club, we’ve already been able to have a big impact in that space with our own AFLW team, and now The Sistergood presents another really exciting opportunity for us to keep breaking down barriers for women.

“The Sistergood is an industry-first that will help introduce our AFLW players to a new generation of Brisbane Lions fans.

“While at the same time, The Sistergood also gives those who have been along for the ride since the beginning a chance to get to know our AFLW stars on a personal level.”

Premiership player Nat Grider features in the launch, and hopes that The Sistergood can help break down barriers between young women and sport.

“When you think about it, we’ve already come so far in breaking down the stereotypes when it comes to women playing football thanks to the AFLW,” Grider said.

“The Sistergood is really that next step to help us empower and inspire others by sharing our own experiences and stories on what it means to be a woman in 2022.

“Your sisters are that support network around you that are influencing your life for the better and helping you grow as a person, and that’s what this is all about - finding your Sistergood.”

To follow The Sistergood movement, head to, or follow The Sistergood on Instagram @thesistergood and TikTok @thesistergood.