The Brisbane Lions are excited to announce a new partnership with Audeara.

Audeara is a hearing health technology company founded by doctors and supported by a team of audiologists, engineers, and musicians who provide high-quality ‘personalised’ audio.

In a first of its kind, Audeara has joined the Lions as the club’s Official Healthy Hearing Partner, providing long term benefits to the overall mental fitness, physical wellbeing and general health of those around us.

"We're passionate about raising awareness around the role hearing health plays in overall wellness,” Audeara CEO Dr James Fielding said.

“We're thrilled to be partnering with the Lions and working with them to encourage our communities to improve their overall wellness and quality of life, one incredible experience at a time."

The partnership will see Audeara play a key support role to the Lions during the AFLW pre-season period as the Pre-Season Presenting Partner.


Audeara is a hearing health technology company providing high-quality personalised audio to everyday people.

Everyone hears differently, and your left ear is different to your right. Just like prescription glasses, Audeara’s personalised sound provides clarity and depth that can’t be achieved with generic headphones. You’ll hear sounds you didn’t know were there!

With Audeara personalisation, you can experience audio made especially for your hearing profile.

Audeara produce active noise cancelling headphones that have the unique ability to provide users with personalised sound via their app based hearing health check. The app uses a proprietary personalisation algorithm to calibrate the headphones for an individual’s unique hearing profile.

The user experiences superior sound quality, while using mainstream applications like watching movies and television, listening to music, video conferencing and gaming.

If you would like to learn more about Audeara and how you can get perfect sound. Click here.