Orla’s scared of dogs yet always grew up with them in the house…?

This week on Between the Lions, our Irish superstar jumps behind the mic and gives us some insight into the O’Dwyer clan, her animal fears and why having coffee on her own gives her main character energy.

Listen to Episode 10 below.

00:50 - Orla Intro

01:35 - The New Gym

2:21 - Reviewing Round 9 vs Hawthorn

4:10 - Unsung Heroes

8:56 - Previewing Round 10 v Collingwood

11:55 - Ad Break

12:48 - Orla's Starter Pack

18:45 - Describing Orla in Three Words

20:10 – Did Orla know what AFLW was in Ireland?

22:15 – How Orla Was Signed

24:00 – Orla’s Cheat Sheet

25:15 – Orla’s Journey in Footy

33:53 – Quicker than Cath

36:42 – Winner Winner

38:29 - Recommendations

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