Earlier this year, Hyundai HQ Magazine sat down with two Brisbane Lions legends to discuss the value of training. Club legend Leigh Matthews and Brisbane Lions Hyundai Sales Manager, Kylie Osbourne got candid about the importance of hard work and discussed what is one of the most celebrated partnerships in Brisbane Lions history. Keep scrolling for the full conversation with Hyundai HQ.

Hyundai HQ: You’ve been a Hyundai Sales Manager with the Brisbane Lions for 8 years now, can you tell us a bit about it?
Kylie Osbourne: My role at the Brisbane Lions is to promote the Hyundai product to all the members, fans, corporate partners, and community. I offer a personalised service - taking the car to their door for a test drive, look at their trades and give advice – making buying a Hyundai an easy process.

HQ: Sounds like a roaring good partnership (pun intended). Now for a bit of name dropping. Who is the highest profile Brisbane Lions Supporter you have sold a car to and what did they buy?
KO: I was chuffed to sell a Tucson Highlander AWD diesel to the legend, Leigh Matthews.

HQ: Let’s hear about the experience from the legend himself – Mr Leigh Matthews – or should we address you as ‘Lethal Leigh’? You recently purchased a Hyundai Tucson Highlander. What attracted you to this vehicle and what made this purchasing experience different from previous encounters?

Leigh Matthews: Well, Hyundai has been a supporter of Brisbane Lions for some time now, and I felt I should have a chat with them to see if they had a vehicle that suited my needs – well in fact my wife’s needs, as we were looking for a new vehicle. I met with Kylie, and after some discussion she pretty quickly established what I was looking for in a car and we narrowed it down to a medium size SUV, and in particular she recommended the Tucson Highlander AWD. Kylie arranged for me to take one for the weekend – and the rest as they say is history – as I have now taken delivery of one myself.

HQ: So prior to this purchase you hadn’t owned a Hyundai?
LM: To be honest, our everyday car had been more prestigious, including Audi and Mercedes. But I have to admit, the look, feel and features of the Hyundai have left me very impressed. It has everything and more that I was looking for in a car, and we didn’t have to pay through the nose for it – it was simply much more affordable.

HQ: You’re certainly no stranger to the winner’s circle and it sounds like you are on a real winner with your Tucson. In this month’s edition of HQ we are working on the value of Learning and Development as a part of a team in achieving success. You know more than a fair bit about both; being a legend of AFL. Can you offer any words of wisdom to the readers?

LM: Well, some people tend to overcomplicate the process. Success in lots of ways is pretty simple. I believe in establishing the Why, What, How and the When, in regard to training and success. 1. Why is it important? 2. What is it we are talking about? 3. How are we going to get there? (This is the critical phase and where the training comes into it). 4. When is this going to happen by? (Having a goal). It’s no more complicated than that really. Work hard, be committed, stay consistent and spend the time.

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