A gift exchange is a tradition that has always been an important part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. 

The tradition shows respect to the receiver as well as to their family and ancestors.

In Sir Doug Nicholls Round, the Brisbane Lions will gift Gold Coast with a didgeridoo created by ex-Lions, Hawks player and proud Kooma/Kunja man, Rhan Hooper. 

The Didgeridoo originated in Arnhem Land this wind instrument and is known in traditional language as a "yidaki".

It was originally created by the Yolngu people but now it is commonly known as the didgeridoo and found across Australia.

The particular Didgeridoo we will present Gold Coast is made from box wood, the main timber used to make Didgeridoos around Rhan’s country (Kooma/Kunja).

The artwork tells a story called "My elders", with the hand prints representing the spirit of the elders of Rhans tribe, the Kooma tribe.

The Kangaroo foot prints represent Rhan's totem animal, the Red Kangaroo, which guides them through their journey in life.

The haze or splatters of tiny white paint represent the knowledge.

Our VFL team will also present the Coburg Lions with a traditional boomerang made by Rhan.

Learn more about Rhan's work here.