A gift exchange is a tradition that has always been an important part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. 

The tradition shows respect to the receiver as well as to their family and ancestors.

In the second week of Sir Doug Nicholls Round, the Brisbane Lions will gift Adelaide with a Marap created by Athe Threads.

The marap is a dancing instrument used when performing ilan dance (island dance).

A Marap is made from bamboo, carved and designed to be held by your hands. When the Marap is used properly in a dance performance, it makes a loud clapping sound.

Several Torres Strait Island communities use this apparatus in their dance performances.

When the Marap is used to aid ilan dance performance, it adds greater acoustic range. It is used as a dance apparatus by both the men and women to depict the famous monsoon weather of rain, thunder and lightening but in many other instances it can refer to the sound of frogs.