Brisbane midfielder Deven Robertson was "to-ing and fro-ing" about a potential move to West Coast before sticking with the Lions, football manager Danny Daly says.

Robertson was a member of Brisbane's Grand Final team last Saturday, but with Will Ashcroft to return next season from his ruptured ACL, a spot in the Lions' midfield is not guaranteed in 2024.

Speaking to Continental Tyres AFL Trade Radio, Daly said he was "grateful" to get Robertson's phone call on Thursday afternoon confirming the 22-year-old would sign on for two years.

"The reports are true," Daly said.

"We're not going to hide behind that, he had a big decision to make.

"He was to-ing and fro-ing. The opportunity to go back home and potentially settle straight into the West Coast midfield was probably enticing for him.

"I've got no doubt during the last three or four days once the Grand Final finished that one minute he was West Coast, next minute he was us."

Robertson told Daly that ultimately it was the Lions' culture that made his mind up, confirming he was "up for the fight" to try and win a spot in the loaded Brisbane midfield.

Two players that will congest that part of the ground in 2024 are Ashcroft and former skipper Dayne Zorko.

Daly said Ashcroft, who had a wonderful first year before his season-ending injury, was hopeful of returning around mid-season, while uncontracted Zorko was likely to ink a new deal shortly.

Like Robertson, there have been no guarantees made to the veteran he would command a spot.

"We've had some good chats with him, and our expectation is he will (sign on).

"Dayne knows there could be some challenges ahead for him next year. You can never guarantee what your body is going to do, or your form is going to do.

"I think in the back half of the year he showed he's still important for us."

Daly confirmed the Lions had not yet offered Rhys Mathieson a new deal.

The popular midfielder did not add to his 72 career games this season.