Learn more about the Indigenous artefact we’ll be presenting the Adelaide Crows before our AFLW game. 

In the second week of AFLW Indigenous Round, the Brisbane Lions will gift Adelaide a cultural weave created by proud Noongar and Nikinya woman, Nadine Foley. 

Foley spoke about the design and the meanings behind the intricacies of the artefact. 

“Our story, once ours alone, now belongs to all of us to cherish and pass on for the prosperity of future generations,” she said. 

“Our strong and united communities are at the heart of who we are as players, teammates, and role models.  

“The circles symbolize the multitude of lived experiences, talent, and contributions that make up our team.  

“We acknowledge the wisdom and sacrifices of our elders and ancestors who have paved the way for us to be here today.  

“These interconnected circles represent our unwavering commitment and passion, destined to leave a legacy that will endure for years to come. 

“We express gratitude for the opportunity to share this powerful narrative with all those who are part of our community.  

“Together, we will continue to build resilient and formidable communities that define our collective identity.” 

A gift exchange is a tradition that has always been an important part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.   

The tradition shows respect to the receiver as well as to their family and ancestors.