Brisbane vice-captain Josh Dunkley says players around the AFL are exaggerating the effect of vigorous tackles to win free kicks.

Speaking on Tuesday morning, Dunkley was asked about Charlie Cameron's pending Tribunal case later that day and broadened the discussion.


The 27-year-old said players were trying to "manipulate" the rules, even if that caused their head to hit the ground first.

"At times you get tackled and your head hits the ground and you try and get a free kick because that's going to put you in a position to move forward," Dunkley said.

"Those little things should be looked at."

He hinted that it made things difficult for umpires, and by extension the governing bodies that ruled on tackles.

Cameron is facing a one-match suspension for rough conduct after a tackle on Jake Lever in the Lions' win last Thursday night.

The tackle was graded as careless conduct, medium impact and high contact.

"It's hard these days with free kicks being paid," Dunkley said.

"I feel like, it may not be in this instance, but other instances where players are trying to manipulate that and get free kicks, which is hard when you look at instances like this because sometimes they can assist the tackle where the action's there."

With the impact of concussion very much at the forefront of club thinking, Dunkley said Brisbane had emphasised its tackling technique.

He pointed to the work of new assistant coach Daniel Lloyd, but said it was a difficult craft to master.

"Sometimes it's hard," he said.

"You grab a lever and then the head's exposed and it hits the ground and there's so many instances of that this year that we're trying to stop.

"Sometimes it's a bit of luck of the draw with what happens out there in the heat of the moment."