July 4 1996 is a special day in AFL and Brisbane Lions history, it is the birth of a new club - when the Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy Football Club’s merged and became the Brisbane Bears Fitzroy Football Club Limited (trading has Brisbane Lions Australian Football Club), the AFL’s first merged club.

Airing this Saturday, September 14th at 4:30PM on Fox Footy, ‘The Merge’ details the lead-up to that day, featuring key figures from the AFL, Brisbane Bears, Fitzroy Lions and North Melbourne Kangaroos.

Kevin Murray, Jonathan Brown, Alastair Lynch, Ross Oakley, Robert Walls, Andrew Ireland, Alan McConnell, Greg Miller, Greg Swann and Geoffrey Poulter take you behind the scenes that led to the first merger in 100 years of the VFL/AFL.

For those unable to watch on Fox Footy, visit lions.com.au in the days following the airing as the full documentary will be made available online.

Click play on the video above to watch the trailer.