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Jarrod Berry setting the tone for 2019

Younger boys setting the standard Jarrod Berry launches the 2019 #Uncaged membership campaign, after a gruelling first session of pre-season.

In his third year at the Brisbane Lions, Jarrod Berry says it is up to the young men of the Club to set the tone for the 2019 season.

This morning the first to fourth-year Lions’ players were welcomed to their first day of pre-season training at Yergona in typical Queensland fashion – 30 degree heat and no breeze.

The two-hour session ended with 300 metre laps and 100 metre sprints. Berry admitted he was careful with his breakfast choice that morning, in fear of it coming up during the session.

“We’re back two weeks before the older boys so for us to be setting the standard and setting the scene for the older boys coming in to follow us, that’s going to be really important for our success next year,” Berry said.

The 20-year-old said the side are determined to push for finals in 2019, so every effort must count.


“As long as we’re improving week in, week out, we’re gradually going to claw our way up the ladder and eventually be that contending side that’s going to be playing finals,” he said.

“If that’s this year, or if that’s next year, we’re definitely on the right path to do that.”

Luke Hodge, a four-time premiership player who has made many finals appearances, inspired Berry and the young group by his participation at training today.

“You can’t keep Hodgey away from it, he bloody loves it,” Berry said.

“It’s awesome and it’s great for our culture that a bloke like who’s done it all basically who comes out and shows us young boys how to train properly.”

Berry said behind the scenes Hodge had been joining the younger players for fitness sessions across the offseason and is committed to their development.

Along with the first day of pre-season, this morning also marked the unveiling of the Lions 2019 Membership campaign #Uncaged which Berry fronts.

“It’s pretty cool. I haven’t done anything like that before,” he said.

“Hopefully the fans get around it because it’s an awesome video. I hope it gets them excited as much as it does all of us guys.”

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