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The Roar Deal: Harris Andrews

The Roar Deal: Harris Andrews Harris Andrews talks about his new haircut Mitch Robinson gave him.

Harris Andrews joins this week’s episode of The Roar Deal podcast with hosts Michael Whiting and Dom Fay to discuss the added expectations around the Lions in 2019, bringing joy to the supporter base and keeping a lid on a young group.

“We’ve got a young group in age, but a mature group in the way that we’re not getting ahead of ourselves,” Fagan said.

“That’s driven by Fages.

“To walk around the ground after the game [Round 1], to give a lot of high-fives and get a lot of selfies.  To see the pure happiness that their team is competitive again and wining the first game of the season was really exciting. ‘


Port Adelaide also hold a 2-0 tally going into Round 3 and Saturday’s match is sure to be an arm wrestle between the two sides.

 “It’s going to be important to not play that ‘slingshot’ style football that we tried to play in the first quarter against North Melbourne,” Andrews said

“There’ll be a lot to do around our defensive principles and being able to slow them down and then being smart with our ball use going back the other way.”

Listen to the full episode of the Roar Deal below:

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