Lions star goalkicker Jessica Wuetschner cannot wait to fly to Mackay for the first time to play in the second match of the QW Winter Series.

Wuetschner told that she is grateful to travel and play across more remote areas around Queensland. 

"It's exciting to get up to Mackay and play, a few of the other girls in the team are from up around there and I know that they are keen to show us what’s it’s like," she said. 

"Some of the most talented players from both the men’s and women's competitions are from up north, so I think it’s important to get the game on show there." 

Sunday’s game will likely see speedster moved to the backline again, after playing there in the QAFLW competition for Coorparoo this year. 

"When you are down back you definitely see a lot more of what is happening so I can say that I am more aware of the game as I am now seeing it from a different perspective," Wuetschner said. 

The fourth-year player admits that she is starting to prefer the new challenges of playing down back. 

"In the backline I am a lot more involved in the game ‘cause when you are in the forward line you tend to only get the ball if everything has gone right," she said 

It is no secret that the Lions team has changed over the past few seasons, but Wuetschner's confidence in the girls has remained the same. 

"Playing for the Lions for the past four years now, the team is constantly developing and this year is no different," she said. 

"The girls have really gelled and are working well together." 

Looking into her crystal ball for the 2020 season, Wuetschner isn't sure where on the field she will line up. 

"With all the new talent in the team this season, I have a feeling the Craig might still put me in the forward line,” she said.

But before the 2020 season kicks off, the Lions women’s team has a lot to look forward to.

On July 13th one of Wuetschner dreams will come true, when she runs out on onto the Gabba ahead of game three.

“Playing on one of the biggest AFL fields in Australia has always been a dream and having the opportunity to play at the Gabba is unreal,” Wuetschner said.

The team travel to Mackay for Game Two of the QW Winter Series on Friday.

Bounce is at 12pm at the Great Barrier Reef Arena (Harrup Park) on Sunday 23 June.