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Grand Final
Road Map to Finals

Recently purchased a 2020 Membership to get access to Finals?

The following memberships will give you Group 2 access:

  • 2020 Season Reserved Seat 
  • 2020 Season GA
  • 2020 Traditional Victorian
  • 2020 3 Game Membership


I am a Brisbane Lions member. Do I still need to purchase a ticket for finals games?

All 2019 Brisbane Lions members with finals access memberships (including September Members) will be eligible for priority access to purchase tickets should they wish to attend finals.

Club members are eligible to purchase tickets for any finals matches in which the Brisbane Lions are participating, including interstate games.

Your Club membership card will not grant you access to finals matches, regardless of the Lions’ participation.
Members purchasing a 2020 membership will have access to purchase weeks 1-3 finals series tickets only.

How do I purchase Finals tickets?

All ticketing for the 2019 Toyota AFL Finals Series is managed by the AFL directly. Eligible Club members will receive all finals related communication via email, so it is crucial that you have provided your most up-to-date email address. The Club takes no responsibility if you miss out on tickets due to an incomplete or invalid email address.

To purchase via Ticketek or Ticketmaster, you will need to set up an account. We suggest creating an account and password prior to tickets going on sale and keeping these details handy to save you time. If you have made a purchase through these providers before, you will already have an account.

You will need to enter the 12-digit barcode on the back of your 2019 membership card at the time of purchase. Please have the full barcodes of all members you wish to buy tickets for at hand.

If you have multiple memberships, enter each barcode on separate lines within the box provided (no spaces or commas). If you do not hold a barcode and are eligible to purchase finals tickets we will communicate the 12 digit number required via email prior to tickets going on- sale.

Do Juniors need to hold a membership to purchase a Finals ticket?

Children aged 4 – 14 as at 1 January 2019 are eligible to purchase a junior ticket. Children aged 3 and under as at 1 January 2019 are entitled to enter the ground at no charge; however, they must not occupy a seat.

Persons aged 15 and over as at 1 January 2019 are classified as an adult, unless they hold valid concession identification.

WEEKS 1 - 3


Group 1 Access

Priority 1

Season Reserved Seat

Members with September Member upgrade

Season GA

Coaches Club

Traditional Victorian

Cheer Squad

Interstate Supporter*

Priority 2

Victorian Plus

Interstate Supporter*

Coaches Club

Season Reserved Seat

Cheer Squad

Season GA

Group 2 Access

Traditional Victorian

3 Game Reserved Seat

Victorian Plus

3 Game GA

Priority 3


3 Game Reserved Seat

Global Lion

3 Game GA

Interstate Virtual Lion**


Ultimate Weekender

Ultimate Weekender

Verandah 3 Game

Verandah 3 Game

*Supporter membership based outside QLD & VIC

**Virtual Lion membership based outside QLD & VIC

How are seats allocated?

Competing Club members will automatically be allocated a seat within their set club allocation.

Tickets are sold on a first in, best dressed basis and are subject to availability. There are strict transaction limits per venue in place for all Finals matches. These will be displayed at the time of purchase.

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices for the 2019 Finals Series are set by the AFL and will be available prior to the on-sale time.

What happens if the Lions play a home final?

As with all other 2019 Finals Series games, ticketing for a home final at the Gabba is managed by the AFL. Reserved seating or General Admission members will not hold their seating entitlements for this game and will need to purchase a ticket through the membership allocation.

I am a Gabba, Queensland Cricketers’ Club or other Stadium member. How do I purchase tickets?

Please contact the Stadium you are a member of directly – only Brisbane Lions Club members will have access to member priority ticketing.

What if am not a Brisbane Lions member?

Remaining tickets for Weeks 1-3 will go on sale to the General Public once the priority members presale is finished for each game. There is no guarantee that tickets in Weeks 1-3 will still be available for the General Public on sale.

A full-season membership is your best chance at accessing tickets for the 2019 Finals Series.

Grand Final

If the Brisbane Lions make the Grand Final, how can I get a ticket?

Club members with a September Member or Coaches Club upgrade are eligible in Priority 1 to register to purchase a Grand Final ticket, contingent on the Brisbane Lions participating.

Club members with Season, Victorian or Interstate Supporter membership* are eligible in Priority 2 group to register to purchase a Grand Final ticket, contingent on the Brisbane Lions participating.

Club members with 3-Game or Flexi membership are eligible in Priority 3 group to register to purchase a Grand Final ticket, contingent on the Brisbane Lions participating.

You will be contacted via email with a link to register for a Grand Final ticket, so please ensure you have provided the Club with a valid email address. The Club takes no responsibility if you miss out on a ticket due to an incomplete or invalid email address. 

Members with Priority Access will be required to follow the appropriate procedures as outlined by the Club in order to access Grand Final ticketing. Members who do not follow the correct procedures as communicated by the Club will forfeit their access to purchase a Grand Final ticket. 

*Located outside of Queensland and Victoria.

How are Grand Final tickets processed?

Tickets will be allocated on a first-in, best dressed basis in order of Priority group. You will not be able to specify a price category, however you will be able to specify whether or not you are happy with a Standing Room Only ticket. Please ensure you have appropriate funds on the card provided to purchase your ticket.

If a member chooses not to accept Standing Room tickets and all reserved seat tickets have been allocated when their registration is next to be processed, they will not be issued a Grand Final ticket.


Can I get access to corporate hospitality products for a home Final?

Yes, corporate ticketing, including Area VIP seats will go on sale at the same time general stadium ticketing goes on sale.

Is it the same price as a Brisbane Lions home game?

No, the AFL operate all AFL Finals and therefore set the price. Prices will be available on the Brisbane Lions website once released.

Can I pre-purchase corporate hospitality before they go on sale to the general public?

No - the corporate ticketing will go on sale at the same time as stadium ticketing.

If I am interested in purchasing Corporate Hospitality for a home final who do I contact?

The Brisbane Lions commercial team will be selling all available corporate hospitality when the tickets go on sale. They can be contacted via email at sales@lions.com.au or via phone on 07 3335 1717.

Feel free to contact the commercial team to be added to a list to receive all the information you need to purchase corporate ticketing once it becomes available.

If I purchase corporate ticketing do I need to collect the tickets?

No - all Corporate Ticketing will be sent via email once the payment is processed.

Can I book my catering requirements through the Brisbane Lions?

No - when you book your corporate facility, the Lions staff will send you the Catering Menu's and Order Form. You can then send this form with your order to the O'Brien Catering Group with your confirmed Facility Number.