Mitch Robinson told Mike and Dom on The Roar Deal this week that 2019 has been his best individual season in his footy career that Sunday’s blockbuster against Richmond will be an important experience for the young Lion cubs.

“Robbo” played 100 games for Carlton before he arrived at the Lions in late 2014. During that time he played in an unforgettable final at the MCG against Richmond, where the Blues managed to defeat them in front of a packed crowd.

This weekend the Lions are expected to play in front of more than 65,000 people at the MCG and “Robbo” said this experience is critical if the Lions want to experience more September action, they need to learn to play well at this ground.

“Going to Geelong to Richmond, it’s the same game. It’s going to be finals like footy,” he said.

“That’s what these players, especially our young team, will love to get under their belt before the finals, so they’re not too surprised when they get there. 

“It’s really good for as a Club for us to experience these big crowds and so players won’t get too overawed.”

“Robbo” himself is impressed with his individual growth this year. At Tasmanian pre-season camp he was playing in the B team after the Club recruited the likes of Jarryd Lyons and Lachie Neale. Fagan initially put him in the B team to help Lyons and Neale to have good defence but three weeks went by and nothing was changing.

“I was like ‘Fages what’s going on, how can I get back in?,” Robinson said.

He then auditioned for the role on the wing and the rest is history.

“Best year of my career? Yeah possibly,” he said.

 “I’m loving my time on the wing. Such a different role and such a selfless role.”