The final episode of the Roar Deal for 2018 features new draftee Tom Joyce, AFLW Coach Craig Starcevich and Victorian Manager Sam Lord! 

Listen to the massive episode below:

Starce’s key talking points:

  • Starce joins the podcast (2.20)
  • How things are tracking with the team (4.15)
  • How the voting process, to appoint Leah Kaslar as captain, worked (4.40)
  • What Leah will bring to the role (6.05)
  • Sam Virgo’s return to the team (9.00)
  • How the new expansion teams will impact the upcoming season (11.30)
  • Which new recruits have been impressing on the training track (15.55)
  • His thoughts on the conference system for 2019 (18.00)
  • The team’s game plan focus for 2019 (20.55) 

Tom’s key talking points:

  • Tom joins the podcast and discusses his first few weeks at the Club (23.40)
  • The process of joining the Club and settling in (24.35)
  • Why Brisbane was the interstate Club he wanted to go to (26.30)
  • Tom discusses who he's staying with in Brisbane and gravitating towards (28.10)
  • Who he models his game on (29.15)
  • The hip injury he suffered this year (30.45)
  • His plans for the Christmas break (33.30)
  • How the induction weekend went (35.30)

Sam’s key talking points:  

  • Sam joins the podcast (40.10)
  • His role at the Lions and how important Victoria is to the Club (41.50)
  • His family’s association with the Lions (43.05)

The Roar Deal will return in 2019 with Dom Fay and Michael Whiting set to celebrate 50 episodes at the helm in their first show back!