Arthur Wilson is as Fitzroy as anyone. He has served the club for more than half a century since 1965 and remains totally loyal and devoted even today. Indeed, he’s one of big reasons the spirit and tradition of his beloved Fitzroy lives on via the Brisbane Lions.

Having joined Fitzroy in an unofficial capacity in 1965, he was appointed to the General Committee in ’67 and went onto the payroll in ’71, serving as full-time Recruiting Manager from 1979, Secretary/Manager from 1980 and Football Manager from 1985. He retired in 1991, having dedicated 26 years of his working life to the Lions.  And then the real work began.

Having seen his beloved Fitzroy merge with the Brisbane Bears in 1996 to form the Brisbane Lions, he was determined not to let his club die. He was loyal to and passionate about the merged entity from day one, and actively encouraged others to follow.

With good mate and fellow Fitzroy stalwart George Coates he established the Fitzroy/Brisbane Lions Historical Society in Melbourne, and for more than 20 years has been responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and presentation of club memorabilia. Also, through the Historical Society, he runs several functions each year to keep the old firm together. There’s no better time than when old Fitzroy folk get together. Just ask Arthur.

With knowledge and experience to match his passion and loyalty, he is as much Fitzroy as Kevin Murray and Garry Wilson. Fanatical, one might even say, and that’d be selling him short.

He celebrated the Lions’ premiership hat-trick of 2001-02-03 like it was Brunswick Street in 1944, and is a walking, talking proponent of not just the old Lions but the new Lions, too.

Arthur Wilson is a Lion through and through, and a thoroughly deserving inductee to the Brisbane Lions Hall of Fame.

At a glance:


  • Fitzroy
  • Brisbane Lions


  • 1968-1978 (Fitzroy Committee)
  • 1979 (Fitzroy Recruiting Manager)
  • 1980-1985 (Fitzroy Secretary)
  • 1986-1990 (Fitzroy Football Manager)
  • 1997-Current (Historical Society Committee)


  • Lions Life Member
  • Historical Society President (1997-2010)
  • Past Players Assoc. Hall of Fame

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