With our 2016 list now finalised, we want to know who you think is in our best 22.

Here's what AFL.com.au's Michael Whiting thinks:

B: Dan McStay, Daniel Merrett, Harris Andrews
HB: Tom Cutler, Justin Clarke, Pearce Hanley
C: Sam Mayes, Dayne Beams, Lewy Taylor
HF: Allen Christensen, Josh Schache, Tom Bell
F: Josh Green, Josh Walker, Jono Freeman
Foll: Stefan Martin, Tom Rockliff, Ryan Bastinac
I/C: Daniel Rich, Dayne Zorko, Mitch Robinson, Claye Beams

Key-position defenders: Darcy Gardiner, Josh Watts, Sam Skinner, Hugh Beasley*
General defenders: Ryan Harwood, Josh McGuinness, Marco Paparone, Jaden McGrath, Liam Dawson, Reuben William*
Key-position forwards: Michael Close, Eric Hipwood, Jackson Paine*, Matthew Hammelman*
General forwards: Rohan Bewick, Josh Clayton
Midfielders: Nick Robertson, Ryan Lester, Jarrad Jansen, Ben Keays, Rhys Mathieson, Cian Hanley*, Billy Evans*
Rucks: Trent West, Archie Smith*

There's a lot of question marks entering 2016 and a lot could be decided over the pre-season for the Lions. Darcy Gardiner is terribly unlucky to miss and any slip-up from Daniel McStay or Justin Clarke will see him inserted immediately. Tom Cutler looks ready to take the next step and own a half-back flank, while Pearce Hanley's run and superb ball use is made for a similar role. While the midfield looks solid – and I'm expecting Sam Mayes to recapture his absolute best form – the headaches come up front. Draftee Josh Schache is young, but no doubt in the best team. Jono Freeman is a nice third tall option, but depending on the match-up, it wouldn't surprise if the Lions surrounded two bigs with a fleet of smalls and relied on Tom Bell to be the third target.

So comment below and tell us who you think is in our best 22: