Friday 18 December

The boys enjoyed their last training session of the year before they head away for Christmas break. They'll be back to it on Monday 4 January.

Rhys Mathieson loves to fly

Rhys Mathieson goes in for a kick

Archie Smith can jump!

The boys get around Jarrad Jansen after his goal

Justin Clarke celebrates a goal

Michael Close lines up

The boys celebrate a goal

School's out!

Wednesday 16 December

Hot and muggy conditions out on the track but the boys smashed it in their second-last training session of the year!

Jono Freeman and Matt Hammelmann

Ryan Bastinac leads the pack today

Boys looking strong... Michael Close, Tom Cutler, Josh Watts, Dan McStay, Lewy Taylor (R-L)

Rohan Bewick and Mitch Robinson stick together

Jarrad Jansen looking strong

Josh Clayton

Lewy Taylor

Archie Smith takes a mark


Eric Hipwood jumping high

The squad looking strong

Ryan Harwood

Ryan Harwood leads Tom Cutler and Dan McStay

Mitch Robinson, Rohan Bewick, Jarrad Jansen and Ryan Bastinac during a skills session

Tuesday 15 December

Time to hit the weights in the gym!

Marco Paparone

Trent West looks on as Matt Hammelmann works out

Jarrad Jansen

Matt Hammelmann

Daniel Rich on the weights

Stay tuned for a full gym reveal later this week...

Monday the 14th of December

The boys started their day with the gloves on.

Dan Merrett gets some tips from Boxing Coach Chris Rose.

Then the boys hit the track!

Stefan Martin

Jono Freeman

Billy Evans

Lewy Taylor


Eric Hipwood takes one out in front

Lewy Taylor sells a bit of candy

Rohan Bewick

Rhys Mathieson

From the pocket! (Photo courtesy of Gold Member Sarah La Sala)

Josh McGuinness

Allen Christensen (Photo courtesy of Gold Member Sarah La Sala)