Lesley O’Donnell is in her 20th year as a proud Brisbane Lions member and has been on the hunt for a new car for quite some time. Her daughter Lisa, also a Lions member, saw an offer available for members on the Lions website.

“Lisa said, ‘Mum the Lions can do you a deal on a Hyundai’ and we were so thrilled,” O’Donnell said.

“I’ve always wanted an i30.”

For O’Donnell and her family, the process of receiving a new car and selling her old one was so easy at an especially difficult time for their family.

“Albert, my husband, is dying,” O’Donnell said.

Her husband and father to her kids has brain tumours and is in palliative care.

The family are spending as much time in the hospital as they can.

To help, Kylie, the Lions’ Hyundai Sales Manager, travelled to the family’s home in Windaroo, assessed her car for trade in, talked through options, and got the best offer for O’Donnell. She then drove her new Hyundai i30 for official delivery yesterday and took Lesley’s old car back to the dealership for trade in. Kylie is also assisting Lesley in claiming her $500 Loyalty Bonus Cash Back with thanks to Platinum Partner, Hyundai.

O’Donnell said the family were so grateful to Kylie for making the whole experience so easy.

“Kylie was exceptional,” she said.

“She was the biggest help.”

If you are in the market for a new car, Kylie is here to assist Brisbane Lions members and fans through the process, including claiming Hyundai’s up to $1,000 Loyalty Bonus cash back.

Even in these current times of social distancing, Kylie is able to assist by phone or email. Email Hyundai@lions.com.au or phone 07 3335 1733