The Brisbane Lions together with Price Attack and big brother Roy are excited to introduce our new Lioness.

 She’s powerful, she’s courageous, she’s got great hair and even better footy skills but, wait until you hear her roar!

Lionesses are known for caring for their cubs and feeding the Pride and she’s no different. Her cuddly, approachable and friendly personality will make her a fan favourite. Beware come game time because once she hits the field, she is ready to hunt!

Although she might not be as big as her brother Roy, she’s certainly faster, and more agile.

She takes pride in her appearance; her mane is always tamed, we can thank Price Attack for always ensuring she has game ready hair.

Fresh from our Lion Academy followed by a short stint in quarantine, she’s roaring to make her debut at the Gabba this weekend, just in time for Finals.

There’s just this one thing……she needs a name!


We need your help! Mark your name in Lion’s history and name our Lioness!

Simply tell us what you think her name should be to win a Price Attack prize pack.

Entries Close 5pm Wednesday 14 April.