The Lions’ nine-goal effort in the third quarter against the Saints on Saturday was the best quarter they have produced in seven seasons, according to backline coach Murray Davis, who arrived at the Club in 2012.

“It was. It was right up there,” he said. 

“We dominated contested possession and were able to get the game on our terms and just the pressure we were able to apply to St Kilda was some of the best I’ve seen.”

On top of their nine-goal haul, the Lions were +27 in contested possession for the quarter.

Davis said the momentum the Lions had at the end of the second quarter inspired them to produce such an outstanding third term.

“The message was really about to keep going,” he said.

“Keep putting the pressure on, we had a huge amount of forward 50 tackles. That really led to putting a bit of a gap in the game…”

Captain Dayne Zorko led from the front during this period with 12 disposals, eight of those then contributing to a score.

“His leadership was outstanding. We know he’s a real barometer in that area,” Davis said.

Another player who is inspirational for his teammates is Charlie Cameron, who kicked an equal career-high record of five goals. 

“A lot of it is natural talent yet he also is working on his craft. Certainly glad he’s on our side and I don’t have to prepare to coach against him,” Davis said.

“He’s just got raw speed and the ability to make something out of nothing.”

The coaching staff were impressed by their players’ response after the bye and their disappointing Round 12 loss to Carlton.

“We were. It was really important to send a strong message that we learnt a bit,” he said.