Lions Rookie Callum Bartlett answered questions from fans during a 30-minute live online chat at 2:30pm on Wednesday 10 April 2013.

Please find below an edited transcript from what was said during the Q&A session

Callum Bartlett: hey, its cal bartlett here. would love to hear from you

Lavan: Callum, did your ACL rupture completely? Daniel Menzel's third knee reconstruction was via LARS, as only two-thirds of his ACL had been ruptured. Was LARS ever an option for you?

Callum Bartlett: yes, i did have a full acl reco! and lars was definitely an option but being so young at the time (18) i opted to go traditional!

Jack Campbell: Hey Cal, how do you prepare for a game on the day of the game?

Callum Bartlett: depending on what time we are playing, if its afternoon i make sure i get in a solid breakfast and try to relax, i have no superstitions!

Lavan: You were sent down to Geelong while you were injured, where you completed some rehabilitation at Skilled Stadium. Will the Lions possibly be looking to send Stephen Wrigley to Geelong to complete part of his rehabilitation? 

Callum Bartlett: i got a chance to do some rehab at gfc when i had my first reco at age 17, before i was drafted! we have all the medical assistance geelong have so i would imagine he stays up here!

Mikey: Which player at the club should be at the comedy festival? 

Callum Bartlett: id love to see ryan harwood doing his bit for comedy 

LionFan: Hey Cal, who are you closest with at the club and who is the most annoying? 

Callum Bartlett: i live with mitch golby and ryan harwood, so probably forced closest with them! todd banfield

robbo: Cal, how close do you think you are to a senior debut? 

Callum Bartlett: gotta play good footy in the reserves first and get myself off the rookie list! then hope to get my chance 

Brendan: Hey Cal, if you weren't playing footy what would you be doing? 

Callum Bartlett: if i left footy today i have no idea what i would be doing!!!! working on it aha

LionFan: What do you think of Patty K's long hair? 

Callum Bartlett: i love patty ks long hair! and i encourage him to hold onto it!

Shane: Hey Cal, lovin the beard. Does it pull many chicks mate? 

Callum Bartlett: cant give away all my secrets 

Akhil: Heya Callum, saw the game on the weekend against the Giants. Great work in the clearances, do you feel like you'll be able to emulate your 2009 form? 

Callum Bartlett: geez i hope i would have improved since being drafted!

Jack Campbell: What changes have you made to your game to step up from 18's football to AFL standard?

Callum Bartlett: i try to stay composed with the footy and not rush my decisions! 

Brooke: Hey Cal, what's your favourite training drill?

Callum Bartlett: i love kicking goals, anything with shots on goal

Akhil: Are Hanley's and McKeever's accents getting easier to understand?

Callum Bartlett: to be honest ive never had too much trouble with either of their accents, when they have spent some time back home though they do get stronger

Jase: What position do you see yourself playing for the team in the long run, and have you lost any pace or agility since the knee issues mate?

Callum Bartlett: no knee problems, i havent lost any pace, i think i would start as a small forward at afl level

Nick: Hey champ, how did you go with pre-season this year?

Callum Bartlett: had a solid pre season! my first since being at the club!

Akhil: Cal, in a way, is it frustrating that you have to wait till Round 11 to have a chance to debut? Do you use that as motivation?

Callum Bartlett: yes its definitely frustrating. but waiting 3-4 years is motivation enough! 

Jenny: Hey Cal,how many of the boys have you lived with over your time at the club, and who has been the messiest/worst to live with?

Callum Bartlett: i lived with josh dyson in my first year for a couple of months and lived with golby and harwood ever since 

Brooke: Have you ever googled yourself? 

Callum Bartlett: yeah i have googled myself, haha i reckon you have as well? 

Archie: In your opinion what are the three most important characteristics to have as an AFL footballer?

Callum Bartlett: competitive, committed, determined 

Kaitlin: hey who do you admire most at the club

Callum Bartlett: its hard to look past the GreatMan simon black

Kate: Who is your favourite coach? 

Callum Bartlett: vossy 

Daniel: where did you play your junior footy? 

Callum Bartlett: i played at the north geelong magpies! 

David: Do you think Richy will start to shake these tags? 

Callum Bartlett: yes he's getting better but he needs the other boys help, other teams are good at that

Andy: Cal, with the multiple knee recos, do you think you have lost any of the pace you had a junior? 

Callum Bartlett: i havent lost any pace! 

Guest: Hey Cal, couple of questions (completely different :P) - do you love snagging a goal? Would you like to see yourself as a goal-kicking mid, or would you rather get in and under?

Callum Bartlett: love a goal! good question probably in and under as a smalll forward

Dylan: And secondly, what's your favourite snack to have after training?

Callum Bartlett: i love fruit salad

Dylan: Cal, have the boys in the reserves become a pretty tight knit group? Do you enjoy playing there while waiting for your shot at AFL level?

Callum Bartlett: yes we have built a good culture in the reserves which also makes it more enjoyable for blokes who come back in.

Lavan: Hey Cal, what's the name of those fluoro green and black footy boots that you wear?

Callum Bartlett: they are nike tempo, but the grass cat version

Mikey: how far away is SImon Black from playing?

Callum Bartlett: blacky is looking good trained this morning and shouldn't be too far away 

Dylan: Has it been pretty smooth sailing switching coaches in the ressies this year Cal? 

Callum Bartlett: yes it has been smooth, we have a gameplan similar to last year and leigh has slipped in nicely making sure we implement it 

Brandon: Why do AFL players shave their legs?

Callum Bartlett: some athletes who regularly need strapping done or lots of massage, it can create rashes having too much hair 

Eddie: who is your favourite celebrity?? 

Callum Bartlett: ronnie burns 

Daniel: when did you realise you had a chance to get onto an AFL list? 

Callum Bartlett: i always thought i was a 'chance' but not fully until i was drafted

Daniel: You've probably been tagged before, what do you to do to get more into the game? 

Callum Bartlett: if im finding it hard to get into the game for whatever reason i always go back to basics i.e tackle, chase etc 

Kay: Can you cook? What's your fave food? And what's the best thing you've cooked for Mitch and Ryan? Good luck on the weekend :) 

Callum Bartlett: a few meals up my sleeve, i like to cook salmon!! 

Michael: I've noticed you talking to Simon Black at quarter time breaks the last few times I've been to Reserves games. What type of stuff is he helping you with

Callum Bartlett: when i spend time in the midfield i always get blacky to go over anything he is noticing and what we can improve on! 

Guest: do you like having mark harvey on board 

Callum Bartlett: mark harvey is good value around the place, thinks he’s pretty funny! Isn’t short a joke 

Daniel: what position did you play as a junior before you for drafted? 

Callum Bartlett: i played mainly across HF , midfield 

sorry guys gotta head off! thanks for all your questions. hit me up on twitter @calbartlett13