IT WAS this week, 20 years ago, when it hit its crescendo for the first time. Modern to its core, its roots had traced back further but this was the moment when its arrival became emphatic: A new dynasty was here. The Brisbane Lions were here.

Exactly two decades on, Brisbane's triumph in the 2001 Grand Final remains a defining inflection point in the AFL era, signaling the start of the game's first modern dynasty and paving the way for others to follow.

'The Brisbane Lions: Dynasties' is now streaming on AFL ON DEMAND.

From wooden spooners in 1998, to a historic Premiership Run from 2001 - 2003. We take you inside the building of the Brisbane Lions' dynasty from the early 2000s, as the stars themselves reveal the inside story of one of the most fearsome teams in football history.

Featuring in-depth interviews with the legendary coach Leigh Matthews and stars in Simon Black, Jonathan Brown and Jason Akermanis, this first installment in the 'Dynasties' series takes us inside the process that saw a dysfunctional wooden spooner transform into a powerhouse.

The feature-length film, which includes wonderful archive vision from the inner sanctum, serves as a masterclass from Matthews, the architect of the dynasty who drove new standards across the board by leaning on wisdom and innovation.

From player-personality profiling to advances in recovery techniques, from the setting of three non-negotiables to rousing stories of team addresses and bonding, "Actions to Live By" is the engrossing inside story of one of the greatest teams footy has ever seen.