With the AFL Grand Final this weekend, we felt it was only fitting to take a trip down memory lane with our AFLW Premiers and revisit some of their memories from the 2021 NAB AFLW Grand Final.

Belle Dawes

I remember….kicking that goal. I mean, I don’t remember kicking it or what happened after, but I remember the adrenaline and the energy. When I watched it back, I was like ‘oh my god, I don’t remember celebrating like that’. Everyone just got around me and I was so in the moment, the energy was just flowing.

Greta Bodey

I remember…how loud the crowd was. Adelaide was making one of their first breaks down the middle of the field and I could feel the crowd pumping through my body. It was so loud, I could feel it just ringing through my ears in time with my heartbeat.

Taylor Smith

I remember…Woosh getting her goal from the 50m. It had been down their end for a while, and we kicking towards our goal. We had no one in the 50, Woosh and I were the deepest and we were outside the 50. I made a contest, chased the ball, and then handballed it forwards to Woosh and she was on top of the 50. She kicked it and I remember it just rolled through the goals and we were both like ‘oh my god, I can’t believe that just happened’, and I ran over and hugged her and you could hear our crowd cheering and it was just the best.


Shannon Campbell

I remember…running out onto the ground at the start of the game. I don’t think we’ve ever played in front of a crowd that loud before. To be able to go out and be the underdogs, the enemy, I think from that moment we all had a feeling we were in with a chance to get over the top of Adelaide.

Ally Anderson

I remember…the siren going. I think I had the ball in my hands and then siren went and I’ve kicked it, and then I’ve realised what’s happened and have just fallen to the ground. So I’m on the ground crying, and then I remember getting up and running over to Emily and Lauren to celebrate. We’re were in our little group and I just remember Emily sobbing and saying ‘We did it!’.

Dakota Davidson

I remember…the pressure of it all. Just being out there and trying to soak it all up, but at the same time trying to bring myself back to why I’m here and the game. I remember trying to focus on the game and playing footy, blocking out the crowd.