Herald Sun

Kai Lohmann screams X-Factor with his vertical leap, speed (recording an elite 2.986-second 20m sprint at the national combine) and agility combination, allowing him to be a dangerous threat aerially and at ground level. His spring and overhead marking means he plays taller than his height, while he has shown the ability to turn defenders inside out on his way to goal. The exciting forward had a patchy season overall but it is these exciting traits and his upside that could see him off the board as early as the second round. Club interest has been significant for Lohmann, one of the most interviewed Vic Country prospects throughout the year - and he has been described as a loveable larrikin off the field.

ESPN - Chris Doerre

A lively and speedy forward, Kai Lohmann possesses good speed and endurance and plays a high impact per possession style of game. A strong contested mark for a smaller type and able to take on the game with his speed, Lohmann could just as easily be developed in defence.

Kevin Sheehan

Medium forward with mercurial ability in the air and around goals, using his pace and agility to create opportunities. A competitive type, he has some of the traits of Isaac Heeney with the ability to make something out of nothing up forward with that real X-factor in the air. Missed the Victoria Country Under-19s match with injury, he played nine matches for the Rebels this year, averaging 15.3 disposals, 4.7 marks and almost a goal a game. His impressive combination of speed (2.99 seconds for 20 metres) and endurance (six minutes 19 seconds for 2km) stood out at the Victorian Country Combine, highlighting his athletic prowess.