Monday night marks the beginning of the 2022 NAB AFL Draft, and Brisbane is well placed with a handful of picks leading into the event.

Having received the positive news of potential #1 pick, Will Ashcroft's desire to officially nominate the Club under Father-Son, the Lions should look to the draft with excitement. 

2022 NAB AFL Draft Picks (currently)

Round One: nil

Round Two: 34, 35 (Dan McStay compensation), 36 (received from Gold Coast), 38 (received from Geelong)


Round Three: 55 (received from Geelong)

Round Four: 73

Brisbane also made a number of future draft pick swaps.

2023 Draft Selections 

  • Round Two Pick (tied to Geelong)
  • Round Three Pick
  • Round Three Pick (tied to Melbourne)
  • Round Three Pick (tied to Western Bulldogs)
  • Round Four Pick (tied to Fremantle)