Brisbane Lions CEO Greg Swann has launched a stinging attack on critics of Brighton Homes Arena, calling it "the best ground in the competition" ahead of Sunday's AFLW Grand Final against Melbourne.

The AFL's decision to rubber-stamp the Lions' new $80 million facility for the decider was labelled as "utterly ridiculous" and the venue as a "glorified training ground" by pundits in Victoria.

Speaking on Monday afternoon, Swann was having none of it though, saying the playing surface and facilities would be ready to go on Sunday.


"To be honest I'm a bit peeved, (at commentary) mainly coming out of Melbourne, that this is just a training ground," he said.

"It's actually a purpose-built AFLW ground. It's a stadium, it's got grandstands, we've got open air here because of the weather.

"I've been lucky enough to go around the world and look at other facilities, this is world class.

"It's not only the best place in Australia, I've been to (NFL teams) New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, it's every bit as good as those facilities.

"It's our home for a long long time and hopefully we're playing plenty of Grand Finals here over the next few years."

The turf on Michael Voss Oval was laid six weeks ago and the minor premier Lions will get their first run on it on Monday night.

Swann said a lot of journalists "became grass experts all of a sudden" and he had no concerns in the ground safety after it was declared fit for use by two independent bodies.

The venue still needs work before the Grand Final, with a scoreboard, interchange benches, signage and marquees all to be put in place for an expected crowd of around 8000 people.

Swann said the highest ranked team that qualifies for the Grand Final should continue to have the right to host it in the future.

"We've got the best venue in Australia for AFLW now," he said.

"Every AFLW Grand Final has featured Brisbane or Adelaide in it, we're not all from Melbourne, so I'm not sure why you have to lock in a venue in Melbourne.

"They can have their 13-degree day and they can be sitting there, they've never been here, it's tailor-made, it's a great stadium.

"The away team facilities are better than most home team facilities anywhere else, they'll be pleasantly surprised.

"As the seasons go on and this becomes our home for home and away and future finals, I'm sure people might regret calling it a 'glorified training venue'.

"That's the message, come up and have a look before you start throwing rocks."