Brisbane Bears
Brisbane Lions


Lions No.1 Ticket-holder 2002-08
Founder of the Lions Foundation
Founder of the Lethal Lions
Lions Life Member

It takes good people in all areas of a football club to be successful. Some wear a suit and are not often seen or heard. They love a good idea as much as a good goal, and a solid financial result as much as a 10-goal win.

John Pearce is one such man. An astute businessman and passionate football person, he has contributed massively to the club for more than 30 years as a shrewd behind-the-scenes advisor and ultra-generous benefactor.

Originally from Rutherglen in north-east Victoria, he moved to Melbourne and then Brisbane for business reasons in the 1970s and after originally aligning himself with Coorparoo Football Club quickly jumped on board with the Brisbane Bears/Lions.

Co-founder of Collection House, one of Australia’s biggest debt collection agencies, he was the Lions’ No.1 ticket-holder for seven years through the halcyon days of the premiership hat-trick, was an inaugural and influential member of the much-valued Lethal Lions coterie group, and chairman of the Brisbane Lions Foundation, an independent body committed to supporting the strategic long-term growth of the club.

He also supports the code state-wide, and was recognised by AFL Queensland recently when the main scoreboard at their Yeronga headquarters was named in his honour.

He’s very much a self-made man, and although you might not see him often nothing much important happens at the Gabba without him being involved. It’s a small thank you for a huge contribution … welcome to the Brisbane Lions Hall of Fame JOHN PEARCE.