Forwards Coach Jed Adcock told that the team are not inaccurate in front of goal, rather they are having more opportunities than they did last year.

“I think the good thing for us this year is we’re having so many more shots,” Adcock said.

“We’re actually not too bad in terms of accuracy it’s just we’re having so many more shots it might look like that to the naked eye.”

This season, like last year, the Club has employed elite performance coach Dave Alred, to assist the forwards.

“Dave’s come in and helped out,” Adcock said.

“He did a fantastic job during the pre-season.”

Alred, Adcock and all the coaches are helping the players stay confident and relaxed in front of goal.

“Goalkicking is one of those things that it’s not always in the mechanics of the shot. It might be sometimes what’s going on upstairs as well,” he said.

“We’ve got a role to play to make sure they’re relaxed and go through their routine.

“We’re working hard on it.”