Already a star at the Lions, this season Conway has added a lot more attack to her game.  

Pressing forward from the wing, she is punishing teams on the scoreboard with an equal-career high 10 goals only seven rounds into the season.  

Her running capacity often catches opponents out as she pushes forward, but importantly, her willingness to defend has remained. 

When asked about her improvements so far this season, Conway touched on a couple of key areas where she’s looked to grow as an athlete. 


“I felt I had the best off-season I’ve ever had just changing up my stimulus and doing things that are different from the standard running and gym sessions,” Conway said.  

“Daniel Webster our midfield coach is so encouraging in trying to get the best out of you and he’s really helped to drive the standards.” 

So far this season, Conway’s averages 2.2 more disposals per game, one goal, one intercept and 1.3 more score involvements per outing from her career averages prior to the start of the season. 

This was on show during the Lions pulsating win over the Crows as Conway had a day out. 


The energetic winger collected 26 disposals and had 701 metres gained to be one of the Lions best. 

A key cog in Craig Starcevich’s side, Conway will be a crucial figure for the Lions as they continued their push towards finals.