Brisbane Lions Hall of Fame member Alastair Lynch is excited to attend this year’s event for two reasons, not only is it a great opportunity for him to catch up with old teammates, but he is also co-hosting the event for the first time.

"I'm going to sort of take over a bit like Gerard Healy, I'll be on the couch, interviewing all of the inductees into the Hall of Fame. I'm not exactly sure who they are, I'd better find out soon so I can do some research.” Lynch said.

“I'm looking forward to having a chat with those guys and trying to give everyone there on the night a bit of a background to what has made these people great contributors to our Club and get some war stories from them.” Alastair Lynch is excited to attend the 2019 Hall of Fame, not only as a member of the Hall, but also as co-host of the event.

Lynch believes these nights are a crucial part of the fabric of a football club.

“Whether it’s a Hall of Fame or premiership reunion, it’s these sort of events where you get to mix with the current players but also see a lot of your old teammates and past great’s of the clubs, it’s a great opportunity for fans and players alike.” Lynch said.

This year’s event, to be held on Saturday June 8th at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, is an opportunity to celebrate the Club’s unique history.

“There is a lot of history from the Brisbane Lions, that’s 100 years of the Fitzroy Footy Club, 10 years of the Brisbane Bears, we need to make sure that modern day players understand the history of their club and reengage some of the past players.” Lynch said.

There will be a total of nine inductees added to the Club’s Hall of Fame, including a triple-premiership player, and it is sure to provide plenty of memorable moments for supporters, both new and old, with Lynch believing the past is incredibly important to the present.

 “I’m lucky because I’m around the footy club a bit with the commentary duties, but I think its fantastic and really important to have these nights.

“A lot of the guys aren’t around the Club very often at all, but to hear stories from some of the past greats from both clubs is really important for our heritage and something that re-engages those past players back with the club.

“You always have a great time catching up with Kevin Murray… anything like that where you can casually sit and have a chat with guys you used to look up to, or some of the younger guys that are coming through is fantastic. Anything with Kevin Murray and a few premiership players around is fantastic”.