Just 15 seconds into the 2003 Grand Final, former Brisbane Lions’ great Jonathan Brown’s afternoon was thrown into a tailspin. 

Following the first centre bounce for the afternoon, Browny was collected by Collingwood’s Scott Burns in the face and immediately fell to the ground.

He spoke at length to Lions TV, as part of the Premiership Pride series, about this defining moment so early in the game.  

“I got to my feet and thought, geez this isn’t part of the script,” he said.

Bronwy was integral to the Lions’ game plan for a Lions victory that afternoon. After the hit, he vaguely remembers talking to the team doctor but admittingly was frazzled. He welcomed halftime, as his wobbly legs were about to give way.

“It was nice just to have a seat at half time,” he says.

The Lions’ medical staff took care of him but admits, by today’s concussion standards, he may not have been allowed to play on.

“You do what you have to do to get through the game,” he says.

“It’s a grand final, adrenaline’s pumping.”

Browny kicked two goals for the afternoon, as Brisbane won their third straight AFL premiership, defeating the Pies by six goals.

“Fortunately enough I was able to continue on and have the last laugh.”

It was this never-say-die, fearless attitude Browny believes made the Lions one of the hardest teams to beat at the MCG come September in the early 2000s. 

“Everyone knows how talented the group was, a team of stars. We came together and formed a great team,” he says.

“The resilience of all the individuals in the group, whether that be playing with injuries, there were famous stories of playing with injuries. The resilience just to keep pushing when things were getting tough in games.”

The side reached four straight Grand Finals between 2001-2004 and returned to the Sunshine State with three flags.

“The resilience to survive the pressure, year after year and get to the big dance and survive oppositions coming after us every year.”

“We were the hunted side, so I just think the remarkable resilience of individuals in the group was amazing.

“For me, that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

The Brisbane Lions Premiership Pride series will feature throughout September on lions.com.au. Stay tuned for more interviews and stories from former Lions' greats that featured in our premiership three-peat.