Vodafone Brisbane Lions co-captain Jonathan Brown capped off his best season in the AFL with his first ever selection in the All Australian team which was unveiled in Melbourne last night.

Brown, who kicked a career high 77 goals this season, was named at centre half forward.

The powerhouse Lions forward received a further honour when he chosen as the team’s vice-captain with Adelaide’s Andrew McLeod named as captain.

He becomes only the second Lions player behind Michael Voss (All Australian vice-captain in 2001 and captain in 2003 and 2003) to be granted a captaincy role in the AFL’s official team of the year.

Brown was also formally presented with the 2007 Coleman Medal for kicking the most goals this season. Brown finished with 77 goals, including 51 from the last ten matches, to finish five clear of Fremantle’s Matthew Pavlich who kicked 72.

Fellow Lions Jed Adcock and Nigel Lappin, who were chosen in the 40-man All Australian squad two weeks ago, were overlooked in the final 22-man team.

Adcock could be considered unlucky to miss out after enjoying the finest season of his career. He played in all 22 matches and averaged a career best 20.7 disposals playing predominantly down back and in the midfield.

However, it was Geelong that dominated the selection for the All Australian team, with a record nine players named in the final 22.

The Cats, who finished as runaway leaders at the end of the home and away season, had Gary Ablett, Jimmy Bartel, Joel Corey, Matthew Egan, Steve Johnson, Cameron Ling, Cam Mooney, Darren Milburn and Matthew Scarlett chosen in the team, with only Scarlett having previously won selection.

The eight newcomers from Geelong, together with Brown, were among 11 players named for the first time.

Port Adelaide siblings Chad and Kane Cornes became the first set of brothers named in the All Australian side in the same year since Justin and Simon Madden were selected two decades ago in 1987.

Gary Ablett and Hawthorn's Campbell Brown both emulated their fathers' feats of being named in an All Australian side, with Gary snr named in eight separate years between 1984 and 1995 and Mal Brown selected in 1972. Kane and Chad Cornes have both been named previously, with their father Graham selected in two separate All Australian sides in 1979 and 1980.

The team is:

Backs        Matthew Scarlett (Geelong)        Darren Glass (West Coast)    Darren Milburn (Geelong)

Half Backs Andrew McLeod (Adelaide, c)   Matthew Egan (Geelong)        Campbell Brown (Hawthorn)

Centres       Kane Cornes (Port Adelaide)    Jimmy Bartel (Geelong)            Chad Cornes (Port Adelaide)

Half Fwds   Steve Johnson (Geelong)            Jonathan Brown (Bris Lions, vc)  Brent Harvey (Kangaroos)

Forwards     Brad Johnson (West Bulldogs)   Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle)    Cam Mooney (Geelong)

Rucks          Dean Cox (West Coast)            Daniel Kerr (West Coast)        Gary Ablett (Geelong)

Interchange  Brendan Lade (Port Adelaide)    Dustin Fletcher (Essendon)    Joel Corey (Geelong)    Cameron Ling (Geelong)

Under a new format introduced this year, the All Australian selectors were asked  at the end of the home and away season to nominate the leading players in each section of the field -- forwards, defenders and midfielders / ruckmen.

The final team comprised six of the 12 forwards named in the original squad, six of the 12 defenders named in the squad and six of the 16 midfielders / ruckmen named in the squad. The four interchange positions then came from the remaining players not selected in the starting 18, to best fit team balance as if to play a match.

The All Australian selection panel is: Andrew Demetriou (chairman), Adrian Anderson, Rod Austin, Kevin Bartlett, Mark Bickley, Gerard Healy, Chris Mainwaring, Robert Walls.

The season details of the team members are as follows:

Matthew Scarlett, Geelong. Previously two-time All Australian 2003, 2004. 21 Games in 2007. One Goal, Two Behinds. 236 kicks, 96 marks, 113 handballs, averaging 11.2 kicks, 4.6 marks, 5.4 handballs. Seven Clearances, 25 Inside 50m, 97 Rebound 50m. Sixth in AFL Rebound 50m.

Darren Glass, West Coast. Previously All Australian 2006. 22 Games in 2007. One Goal, One Behind. 85 kicks, 76 marks, 163 handballs, averaging 3.9 kicks, 3.5 marks, 7.4 handballs. One Clearance, Three Inside 50m, 30 Rebound 50m. 

Darren Milburn, Geelong. Never previously selected. 22 games in 2007. Five Goals, Eight Behinds. 234 kicks, 155 marks, 260 handballs, averaging 10.6 kicks, 7.0 marks, 11.8 handballs.15 Clearances, 29 Inside 50m, 66 Rebound 50m. 

Andrew McLeod, Adelaide, captain. Previously four-time All Australian, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2006. 22 games in 2007. Six Goals, Five Behinds. 367 kicks, 81 marks, 171 handballs, averaging 16.7 kicks, 3.7 marks, 7.8 handballs. 20 Clearances, 76 Inside 50m, 106 Rebound 50m. Third in AFL in kicks. Third in AFL in Rebound 50m. 

Matthew Egan, Geelong. Never previously selected. 22 games in 2007. No goals, No behinds. 115 kicks, 79 marks, 142 handballs, averaging 5.2 kicks, 3.6 marks, 6.5 handballs. 10 Clearances, 10 Inside 50m, 46 Rebound 50m.

Campbell Brown, Hawthorn. Never previously selected. 21 Games in 2007. Four Goals, Three Behinds. 199 kicks, 116 marks, 108 handballs, averaging 9.5 kicks, 5.5 marks, 5.1 handballs. Six Clearances, 26 Inside 50m, 64 Rebound 50m.

Kane Cornes, Port Adelaide. Previously All Australian 2005. 22 Games in 2007. Nine Goals, Nine Behinds. 317 kicks, 151 marks, 296 handballs, averaging 14.4 kicks, 6.9 marks, 13.5 handballs. 61 Clearances, 72 Inside 50m, 51 Rebound 50m. First in AFL in disposals. Third in AFL in handballs.

Jimmy Bartel, Geelong. Never previously selected. 20 Games in 2007. 15 Goals, Eight Behinds. 291 kicks, 127 marks, 254 handballs, averaging 14.6 kicks, 6.4 marks, 12.7 handballs. 77 Clearances, 78 Inside 50m, 52 Rebound 50m. Second in AFL in disposals. 

Chad Cornes, Port Adelaide. Previously All Australian 2004. 22 Games in 2007. 16 Goals, 10 Behinds. 380 kicks, 159 marks, 182 handballs, averaging 17.3 kicks, 7.2 marks, 8.3 handballs. 56 Clearances, 99 Inside 50m, 82 Rebound 50m. First in AFL in kicks. Sixth in AFL in disposals. Eight in AFL Inside 50m.

Steve Johnson, Geelong. Never previously selected. 17 games in 2007. 41 Goals, 29 Behinds. 241 kicks, 112 marks, 68 handballs, averaging 14.2 kicks, 6.6 marks, 4.0 handballs. 14 Clearances, 65 Inside 50m, 17 Rebound 50m.

Jonathan Brown, Brisbane Lions, vice-captain. Never previously selected. 22 games in 2007. 77 Goals, 38 Behinds. 239 kicks, 195 marks, 114 handballs, averaging 10.9 kicks, 8.9 marks, 5.2 handballs. 14 Clearances, 59 Inside 50m, Two Rebound 50m. Third in AFL in marks. First in AFL in goals. 

Brent Harvey, Kangaroos. Previously two-time All Australian 2000, 2005. 22 Games in 2207. 31 Goals, 15 Behinds. 328 kicks, 109 marks, 222 handballs, averaging 14.9 kicks, 5.0 marks, 10.1 handballs. 48 Clearances, 95 Inside 50m, 42 Rebound 50m. Seventh in AFL in disposals. Tenth in AFL in kicks.

Brad Johnson, Western Bulldogs. Previously five-time All Australian 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006 (captain). 21 Games in 2007. 59 Goals, 26 Behinds. 292 kicks, 165 marks, 114 handballs, averaging 13.9 kicks, 7.9 marks, 5.4 handballs. 16 Clearances, 64 Inside 50m, 19 Rebound 50m.  Seventh in AFL in goals. 

Matthew Pavlich, Fremantle. Previously four-time All Australian 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006. 22 games in 2007. 72 Goals, 48 Behinds. 298 kicks, 203 marks, 83 handballs, averaging 13.5 kicks, 9.2 marks, 3.8 handballs. 11 Clearances, 88 Inside 50m, Eight Rebound 50m. First in AFL in marks. Second in AFL in goals.

Cam Mooney, Geelong. Never previously selected. 22 games in 2007. 55 Goals, 34 Behinds. 213 kicks, 166 marks, 80 handballs, averaging 9.7 kicks, 7.5 marks, 3.6 handballs. No Clearances, 61 Inside 50m. One Rebound 50m. Tenth in AFL in marks. Ninth in AFL in goals.

Dean Cox, West Coast. Previously two-time All Australian 2005, 2006. 19 Games in 2007. 11 Goals, Nine Behinds. 203 kicks, 136 marks, 147 handballs, averaging 10.7 kicks, 7.2 marks, 7.7 handballs. 439 hit outs, averaging 23.1 hit outs. 44 Clearances, 62 Inside 50m, 42 Rebound 50m. Fourth in AFL in hit outs. 

Daniel Kerr, West Coast. Never previously selected. 17 Games in 2007. Eight Goals, 11 Behinds. 223 kicks, 46 marks, 238 handballs, averaging 13.1 kicks, 2.7 marks, 14.0 handballs. 89 Clearances, 58 Inside 50m, 40 Rebound 50m.

Gary Ablett, Geelong. Never previously selected. 22 Games in 2007. 26 Goals, 23 Behinds. 315 kicks, 87 marks, 270 handballs, averaging 14.3 kicks, 4.0 marks, 12.3 handballs. 81 Clearances, 130 Inside 50m, 47 Rebound 50m. Seventh in AFL in handballs. First in AFL in Inside 50m.

Brendan Lade, Port Adelaide. Previously All Australian 2006. 22 Games in 2007. 15 Goals, Five Behinds. 181 kicks, 113 marks, 89 handballs, averaging 8.2 kicks, 5.1 handballs, 4.0 handballs. 469 hit outs averaging 21.3 hit outs. 51 Clearances, 47 Inside 50m, 25 Rebound 50m. First in AFL in hit outs. 

Dustin Fletcher, Essendon. Previously All Australian 2000. 19 games in 2007. Three Goals, Two Behinds. 309 kicks, 144 marks, 85 handballs, averaging 16.3 kicks, 7.6 marks, 4.5 handballs. Six Clearances, 14 Inside 50m, 130 Rebound 50m.  First in AFL in Rebound 50m. 

Joel Corey, Geelong. Never previously selected. 22 Games in 2007. Seven Goals, Nine Behinds. 301 kicks, 105 marks, 281 handballs, averaging 13.7 kicks, 4.8 marks, 12.8 handballs. 117 Clearances, 103 Inside 50m, 40 Rebound 50m. Third in AFL in disposals. Ninth in AFL in handballs. Second in AFL in clearances. Fourth in AFL in tackles. Fourth in AFL in Inside 50m.

Cameron Ling, Geelong. Never previously selected. 21 Games in 2007. 27 Goals, Four Behinds. 192 kicks, 94 marks, 225 handballs, averaging 9.1 kicks, 4.5 marks, 10.7 handballs. 45 Clearances, 52 Inside 50m, 23 Rebound 50m.