With no crowds at AFL games for the immediate future it’s going to be up to the players to create their own energy.

For Charlie Cameron, that’s no problem.

The 2019 All Australian forward thrives off crowd interaction – his trademark “revving the motorbike” celebration has become a hit and quickly made him a cult favourite among the Lions fans.

And it is something they got to see a lot after he booted 57 goals last tear as the Lions returned to the finals.

He admits he found the silence of the MCG in round one unusual and says he now knows that with no energy coming over the fence to tap into, he will have to work extra hard on creating it for himself and his team mates.

"It was pretty tough in round one at the MCG with no crowds there," he said.

"We've just got to bring that energy ourselves as a team; it will be tough but I'm looking forward to it."

One tactic the Lions are exploring is to pump the players’ favourite tunes over the loud speakers after a goal is scored.

Skipper Dayne Zorko has called on every player to choose their song with the warning the stragglers will have theirs chosen for them.

Cameron has opted for viral hit Baby Shark, which has racked up more than five billion YouTube hits since its 2017 release.

And he hints there may be a new celebration to go along with it.

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Forward line working on building chemistry

Charlie Cameron says the shorter quarters won't affect the team too much, they just need to adapt quickly to the new style of play.

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There has been plenty of debate on what impact the shortened quarters and extended benches will have on footy once it returns.

Most thing the game will be played at a frantic pace and Cameron doesn’t mind that at all.

"I'm happy with it," he said.

"It'll be short and sharp but I don't mind it.

"(It'll increase) the speed of play, a lot of high energy players will be ready to go so it'll be short but sharp when you're out there.

"Teams will want to score quicker, you don't want to be behind chasing ... and I've just got to try and make an impact as soon as I can."

The Lions shut up shop immediately after the round one loss to the Hawks, after the season was placed temporarily on hold due to the Covid 19 pandemic, which means that game has only just been reviewed.

With a bit of fine tuning, Cameron is confident the side will quickly return to the winners list.

"Overuse of handball was a big thing; we look good when we go forward and just get it into our forward line," he said.

"We looked dangerous, but if we just messed with the ball it put us under pressure."