I am Cam Rayner and I am Lion.

I love our footy club, I love our city and I’m absolutely thrilled to extend my contract with the Brisbane Lions until the end of 2023.

Our fans are the best in the competition, and it gives me great pride to go out there every week and give my best for them.

The passion they have for our club drives us all. It is a special feeling knowing that every one of them would proudly say “I am Lion.”

The Brisbane Lions gave me my start in the AFL and I will be eternally grateful for the faith they showed in me.

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Big mark from Rayner and kicks the goal

Cam Rayner comes from nowhere to clunk it and slot an important goal for Brisbane.

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I love my teammates. We are a brotherhood and the game I have loved since I was a toddler is even better because I get to play with them.

I would do anything for them and I know they would do the same for me.

When I arrived in Brisbane, the Club was coming off a tough few years but I immediately sensed the future would be bright.

The standards set by the Senior players and commitment to each other convinced me this was the place I wanted to call home.

I get great satisfaction knowing we all share the same goals of making the Brisbane Lions a success.

It is a journey we have been on together and we aren’t finished yet.

The guys around my age like Hugh McCluggage, Jarrod Berry and Zac Bailey have played all our footy together and it is a source of great pride that we have played our part in the improved performances of the Lions over the past couple of years.

We couldn’t have done it without our coaches.

They teach us and inspire us every day.

They demand the best from us and push us to constantly seek improvement.

We work hard but every one of the players will tell you how much they love coming to work every day.

All of us boys know there’s a lot more to a footy Club than players and coaches and we have amazing people at the Lions.

Everyone has an important role to play and we appreciate all the work they do to provide us the opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves.