To mark the Brisbane Lions 3-Peat 20th anniversary, the team will be wearing a special commemorative guernsey against Essendon in Round 5.

This limited-edition collectors’ item forms 1-part of a 3-part series of commemorative jumpers that will be released over the next three years, each celebrating one of the 3-peat triumphs.

The back of the guernsey features a black and white image of the MCG that when paired with the next two editions in the series forms a full panoramic shot of the MCG on Grand Final day, as well as an image of the team that brought home the silverware on that fateful day in 2001.

The 20th anniversary commemorative emblem features on the back, the premiership players names are featured in the number and the Grand Final game details and score are included on the inside of the collar.

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20th Anniversary Guernsey

The first of three Anniversary Guernsey's is here.

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2001 Premiership players Clark Keating, Jason Akermanis and Alastair Lynch got first look at the guernsey in an exclusive preview viewing.

Keating said he was thrilled with how the jumpers had turned out and he credited the designer.

“I love the fact that when you put them all together you’ve got the great Southern Stand of the MCG in the background, it’s a great design”.

Akermanis had some words of motivation for the side that would run out in the jumper against Essendon in Round 5.

“For the boys who wear it, go out there and wear it with pride.” said Akermanis.

Stay tuned to later in the week to see their first look.

To order your first-edition 20th-anniversary commemorative guernsey online, please click here.

Match-worn guernsey’s will be available to bid on at auction from Saturday 17 April 7.25pm at