A friendship forged over half time oranges on chilly Western Australian Saturday mornings is now being celebrated in front of appreciative Gabba crowds as Dev Robertson and Jaxon Prior fast become Lions’ fan favourites.

The schoolboy teammates caught the attention of Lions recruiters ahead of the 2019 draft and are now continuing their connection on Queensland soil.

The pair come from famous West Australian footballing families, but it is across the other side of the country where they are making their mark. 

Deven’s uncle is West Coast premiership player and four time All Australian Darren Glass while Prior’s dad Michael, played at Essendon and West Coast and coached at Fremantle. 

Robertson, the Club’s first pick in the 2019 draft at No 22, made his debut in Round 1 the following year before spending the rest of the season developing his game in the reserves.

Prior, pick 59 in the same draft, did not get a chance at senior level in year one but has since joined Robertson as a regular as the Lions marched to six consecutive victories.

The boys from the West having been kicking a footy together since U12s, so it’s no surprise they look comfortable on Gabba ground together.

Robertson’s first impression of teammate Prior was memorable to say the least.

“I just remember Jaxon being a little chubby fat kid,” said Robertson.

Prior’s impression of Robertson was surprisingly more heartfelt.

“First time I came across Dev was at state try outs and I remember all the way back then he was one of the best players at the try outs. He was Darren Glass’s nephew, and I was Michael Prior’s son so I felt there was a connection between us straight away,” said Prior.

Robertson attributes his newfound confidence to having best mate Prior by his side even as the two made the move to Brisbane.

“Coming up here and moving to a different state and a whole new life, having him here to go on that journey as well really helped me settle down,” said Robertson.

Before the 2019 Draft, Jax and Dev ran football workshops together to pay the bills before securing a spot in the AFL.

Prior said while he didn’t expect it, it was always his hope to be drafted alongside Robertson.

“Clubs would always ask me who I wanted to be drafted with when the drafting process came around. I always said Dev, he’s one of the most professional players out there,” said Prior.

With an average of 14 disposals and 4 tackles, Robertson is filling the void of Brownlow Medalist Lachie Neale who sits out with an injured ankle.