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Gallery: INC Pre-Season training

Players get the run down ahead of the first pre-season training.

Hugh McCluggage stretches before pre-season training.

Archie Smith stretches prior to the first training. 

Matt Eagles warm-ups before his first training session back.

They're off and running! 

Starting pre-season with some interval training.

Harris Andrews leads the pack.

Alex Witherden and Archie Smith follow the pack during intervals.

Tom Cutler and Jake Barrett working on their fitness.

Jacob Allison performing some contact drills.

Nick Robertson catches the ball during contact drills.

Matt Eagles during contact drills.

Dan McStay and Liam Dawson compete for ball.

Harris Andrews works on his kick during training.

Lewy Taylor working on speed with sprints.

Mitch Robinson joined in on training today too.

Corey Lyons catches the ball during drill.

Gardiner and Andrews buddy up for cool down stretching.

That's a wrap for the first pre-season session ahead of 2018! Great to see the boys back in action.

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