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The Brisbane Lions Kings of the pride

The Kings of the Pride

Back in 2007, over 1,000 guests enjoyed one of the largest ever reunions of VFL/AFL players at the Brisbane Lions’ Kings of the Pride function held at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

The event served to not only bring together players from across all arms of the Club’s rich history (Fitzroy, Bears, and Lions), but also recognise the individuals who were regards as kings of their respective eras.

In 2016, a new king was crowned for the 2007-2016 era.

Here are the Kings of the Pride: 

Fitzroy 1897-1926: Percy Parratt


Fitzroy 1897-1926: Percy Trotter

Fitzroy 1927-1956: Haydn Bunton

Fitzroy 1927-1956: Allan Ruthven

Fitzroy 1957-1966: Kevin Murray

Fitzroy 1967-1976: John Murphy 

Fitzroy 1977-1986: Garry Wilson

Fitzroy 1987-1996: Paul Roos

Brisbane Bears: 1987-1996: Roger Merrett 

Brisbane Lions: 1997-2006: Michael Voss

Brisbane Lions: 2007-2016: Simon Black