The final countdown to Friday’s Draft is well and truly underway, and for Brisbane Lions Recruiting Manager Steve Conole it’s been a week filled with discussions and debates.

“There’s been plenty of debate for all of our picks, healthy debate,” Conole said.  

“There are various departments in the Club that are involved with this decision – Medical staff, Coaches – but in the end, it’s the Recruiting team’s decision.”

Conole joined Michael Whiting and Dom Fay on The Roar Deal to discuss what will be an exciting Draft for the Club.

While every AFL Recruiter dreams of having Pick No. 1 in the Draft, Conole is the first to admit that it isn’t a decision that comes easily.

“It’s a very difficult decision,” Conole said.

“The four or five boys that we threw around for Pick No. 1 have all got some real appeal for us.

“I’m sure the player that we pick on Friday night will be a fantastic addition to the Footy Club.”

While Pick No. 1 is always associated with high expectations, Conole is certain that the five selections that follow on Friday night will be just as important for the Club’s future.

“For all the picks, it’s an important Club based decision,” Conole said.

“You’ve got to make sure they all fit in well with the overlay of where the Club’s heading and the requirements that we’ve got going forward."