Fans will once again have the opportunity to vote on their preferred special event guernsey that will be worn to commemorate the Brisbane Lions’ second Hall of Fame induction in 2014.

After wearing a hybrid Fitzroy design for their inaugural Hall of Fame event in Melbourne two years ago, the Lions will don a Bears-inspired jumper in 2014 to celebrate the first induction to be held in Brisbane.

The Hall of Fame guernsey will be worn by the Lions for their Round 8 clash against Essendon at the Gabba – which is the team’s final home game before the Hall of Fame event (which will be held on Wednesday 21 May).

A shortlist of three potential designs has been pre-approved by the Club, with each being a tribute to the trailblazers of AFL in Queensland.

The final decision, however, will rest with the Lions fans who are encouraged to vote for their favourite on the poll below. Quite simply, the design that secures the most votes will appear on the field in Round 8.

Voting will remain open until midnight on Sunday 2 March 2014, with fans limited to only one vote per day.

All designs will feature the Hall of Fame logo sublimated into the back neckline, with “Dare to beat the Bear” text – a quote derived from the inaugural Bears song – watermarked into the inner neckline.

The names of the 17 inaugural Hall of Fame inductees will also be watermarked into the front of the jumper.

The options are outlined below:

OPTION 1: Brisbane Bears 1989-91 Design
The inaugural stylised Queensland-shaped ‘BB’ pyramid design was worn throughout the first half of the Bears’ existence, but has since been consigned to history.

More specifically, this ‘retro’ design is based on the years between 1989-91, when the colour changed from being a deeper and darker maroon to a lighter shade.

The Lions wore a similar design as part of the 2006 AFL Heritage Round, however the proposed Hall of Fame version would be the inverse ‘home’ style guernsey – with the jumper being predominantly gold with a maroon ‘BB’ pyramid.
OPTION 2: Brisbane Bears 1992
From 1992, the Bears’ wore a predominantly maroon guernsey with a gold ‘V’ and white outline.

This particular jumper is synonymous with the Bears’ final years, and even featured on the MCG during the 1996 Preliminary Final.

It was proudly worn by future premiership stars such as Michael Voss, Nigel Lappin, Jason Akermanis, Shaun Hart and Chris Scott, and resurfaced for one game in 2005 as part of the AFL Heritage Round.
OPTION 3: Brisbane Bears 1996

The third, and final, version is a hybrid design based largely on the Bears’ logo and guernsey from 1996.

But rather than a maroon guernsey with gold ‘V’, the maroon (top) and gold (bottom) is separated by a white ‘V’.

The names of the inaugural inductees would then appear in maroon text across the white ‘V’.

While this particular design was never actually worn by the Bears, it directly represents their role in helping pioneer AFL in Queensland.

Vote now for your favourite design!