G’day Brisbane Lions fans! I hope everyone is doing well in these tough times and keeping themselves and your families safe. 

I am writing to you guys about what a few of us have been up to in the past few days, and if you all enjoy this I might continue to keep a diary for the Lions faithful to stay up to date with what we are up to! 
So, obviously I’ll start with finding out that our 2020 season was indefinitely suspended until May 31. We all took this pretty hard because we just literally put in one of our most gruelling pre-seasons to date. After all that work, we did come up short against the Hawks, who I will add, played some great footy against us at the MCG. We got off to a good start but unfortunately, they reeled us in and really made us pay with our turnovers which resulted in goals against.  
It was a strange feeling playing at the MCG with no crowd present but we won’t use that or the hectic week leading into Round 1 as an excuse because that’s not how we operate. 
David Noble, Andrew Wellington and Greg Swann gathered the playing group together first thing Monday morning to discuss what was happening in terms of our compulsory time away from the Club, how long that looked likely and what the next steps were. We then had an in-depth chat with our head of fitness Damian Austin around maintaining our fitness over these next few weeks as best we can.  
The players took some exercise packs, some gym equipment and we were emailed our running, weights and off-legs programs to ensure we are well prepared for any return date in the near future. 
Eric Hipwood took it upon himself to turn his house into a makeshift gym. There the boys can venture over in groups of 5 and do a few circuits if they feel up to it. We still run in small groups like we did in the off-season, this gives us an advantage to keep each other accountable while we are still abiding by the social distancing guidelines.  
Can you see who turned up for this session? 

I have been lucky enough to not get too bored in the first week as I have had a great opportunity to continue my passion which is Podcasting and live streaming video games. This has been a great avenue for me to keep busy and stay in a routine/schedule while we are in this hibernation period.  

You can check out my weekly Podcast on itunes or YouTube just search Rip Through it and can catch me playing video games over at twitch.tv/MitchRobinson 
The kids last day of school was today, so we plan on getting stuck into some home school activities over the coming weeks! Stay tuned.