The Brisbane Lions would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to its Lions family, for making them the biggest member-based Club in Queensland with this year’s membership totaling 29,277.

CEO Greg Swann says this is an incredible result as we close out what has been a tumultuous year for both the Club and the community.

“If we are to take a positive out of the year, it’s that through the highs and lows of season 2020 our members have stuck with us and in fact we have more members this year than we did in 2019," Swann said.

“We can’t thank our members enough for their unwavering support, loyalty and passion.

“Not only have they stuck by us this year through pledging memberships and purchasing merchandise, they have sent in hoards of messages of support for the team and Club - those messages of support are what keeps everyone here going.

“It’s so heartening to know the Club has such loyal members who will continue to support us through the ongoing challenges we will face following this pandemic.

“From all of us here at the Club, we want to extend our sincerest thanks to every single one of our 29,277 members.”

The Lions close out the year with the highest membership base of the sporting teams in Queensland.