Fremantle will have more than just Lions to contend with in round five of the AFLW season – there’ll also be a Black Swan, Turtle and an Emu.

The Lions AFLW players will wear a special guernsey designed by key forward Dakota Davidson in collaboration with teammates Ally Anderson and Courtney Hodder against the Dockers in Fremantle on Saturday to commemorate the AFLW Indigenous Round.

The design of the guernsey features the Totems of Dakota Davidson, Ally Anderson and Courtney Hodder and illustrates the story of two Mobs Gundmitjmarra and Ghungalu meeting together at the Club. 

“And I was really humbled to be able to design the guernsey for us to wear,’’ Davidson said.

“And that goes for Ally and Courtney also, we’ve all had input into how the guernsey looks and we are fortunate enough that our paths were able to meet at the Lions and the meeting of Mobs, combining our stories is embodied on this guernsey.

“The girls have really embraced the opportunity to learn about our culture and are all really excited to wear it.

“And I think it’s really exciting for the league as well.’’

Davidson, from the Gundmitjmarra mob in South West Victoria, said she was proud to represent her Mob and tell the story of her culture. 

“This guernsey means more to me than just Indigenous round, this is my family, my history and my culture,’’ she said.

“My mob is aquaculture, the first tribe to design fishing mechanisms to catch and sell fish and eels, in particular the Murray cod. 

“The blue river displays my aquaculture and the water in which our fishing took place.’’

The guernsey displays Davidson’s Totem, the Black Swan, and also tells the story of her personal connection to her culture and her own journey to learn the history of her people.

“The Black Swan, sits on top of the water, remaining calm and always watching over the mob,’’ she explained.

“This path also represents the journey I am on, discovering the different stories and the history of my culture.’’

Anderson is a proud Ghungalu woman and her Totem, the Emu comes from her grandfather.

“The earthy colours along my path, represent the inland area of Central Queensland, where my story begins,’’ she said.

“The River flowing through the land is the Dawson River. It runs through the town of Theodore, where my dad is from.

“I have spent many holidays in Theodore, swimming and playing in the Dawson River. It is an important part of my story and my family’s identity.”

Hodder, the newest Lion among the trio, had a choice to make with her Totem and chose to represent the story of an uncle who was a significant figure in her life.

“I’m lucky enough that both my parents are Indigenous, and therefore have two totems to represent the Emu and the Kangaroo,’’ she said.

“However, the Totem I have chosen for this guernsey is the Turtle, which was passed on to me by my uncle at Birth.

“He was an important part of my journey, so this is a special way me and my family are able to represent him.’’

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