As the Tokyo Olympics near the half-way mark, our players decided to pick which event they would compete in if they were Olympians.

Unsurprisingly, track events were a popular choice from both our AFL and AFLW players, while Mitch Robinson’s dream event wouldn’t shock too many either.

Brandon Starcevich
Dream Event: High Jump

“I was a high jumper through high school, flop technique of course (otherwise you’re not a serious high jumper). Plus, Brandon Starc… would be rude not to support a namesake.”

Sophie Conway
Dream Event: Hockey or Swimming

“I always wanted to be a hockey player or swimmer as a kid. Otherwise, I’d try something new like Rugby 7s or Water Polo.”

James Madden
Dream Event: 200m Sprint

“I would’ve said the 100m but for me, 200m you get a little more time to get up to top speed.”

Mitch Robinson
Dream Event: Boxing

Need we say more…

Gabby Collingwood
Dream Event: Canoe Slalom

“It’s a bit different and not very common so it would be cool to give it a go! I’d also have the likes of Jess Fox to look up to. I’d also love to be in the swimming and a dolphin too… so many more chances for medals!”

Harry Sharp
Dream Event: Steeplechase or 1500m

"I competed in both as a kid quite seriously and it's probably the two events I'd have the best chance in." 

Oscar McInerney
Dream Event: Fencing

“I don’t think I’d be any good at it, but it looks like a fun time.”

Hugh McCluggage
Dream Event: 800m or 1500m

“I’m going a distance run. I feel like footy and middle-distance running are pretty similar so might opt for something realistic.”

Dan McStay
Dream Event: 100m Sprint

“It’s the pinnacle really, isn’t it? I’d be dead last, but it would be a good time. It’s the most sought-after medal.”

Dakota Davidson
Dream Event: Rugby 7’s

“If I had to go to the Olympics it’d have to be something like Rugby 7s, it would be lit. Otherwise I’ll be a lifeguard at the pool!”

Jack Payne
Dream Event: Discus

“I competed for Australia in discus when I was younger, and it probably makes the most sense. My PB was 63 metres with a 1kg discus.”

Connor Ballenden
Dream Event: 100m Freestyle

“Used to swim pretty competitively back in the day, stopped at about 15 but the 100m freestyle was my go-to.”

Dev Robertson
Dream Event: 400m Sprint

“It would have to be a running event, wouldn’t it? I feel like the 400m is underappreciated, that’s a tough run!”

Emily Bates
Dream Event: European Handball

“It’s fast, aggressive and looks like it would be so much fun to play.”

Connor McFadyen
Dream Event: Golf

“I’m playing off 12 at the moment, I’m certainly no Richy or Linc (McCarthy) but I reckon it’d be a good bit of fun.”