They say a week is a long time in football. For today's current crop of AFLW players that week is also an incredibly busy one.

For Brisbane's Sam Virgo, busy could even be an understatement.

Sam has recovered from an ACL injury sustained in 2017, welcomed the arrival of her first child Harriet with partner Jenna, works full time, oh, and she’s currently playing a key role with the Lions.

Sam's week begins with a recovery session at the Gabba, walking off the bumps and bruises of the weekend’s match. (01/25)

Sam and teammate Breanna Koenen engage in a weekend debrief. (02/25)

As well as juggling training commitments, Sam is the Warehouse & Logistics Manager at Tribal Sport, a sports apparel company where one workmate is another familiar Lions face in Daniel Merrett. (03/25)

Tribal Sport provides the sportswear and team apparel for a number of clubs in Australia and the South Pacific. (04/25)

Wheeling and dealing. (05/25)

Sam and her partner of five years Jenna, also have a busy home life with the recent arrival of baby daughter Harriet. (06/25)

Harriet was born late last year as Sam recovered from a knee injury that ruled her out of the 2018 AFLW season. (07/25)

Sam and Harriet enjoy some quality floor time. (08/25)

Any chance for shut eye is welcome. (09/25)

Parenthood can be a tough business. Sam’s teamwork extends outside the Lions' changerooms and into her home life. (10/25)

Sam was a barista in a former life so knows a good coffee when she tastes one! A very handy skill to have when sleep deprivation pays a visit to the household. (11/25)

Furbaby Willow completes this family of four. (12/25)

In between lattes and footy training, there is also time for the glamourous activities that come with being a footballer. Such as doing the laundry. (13/25)

Harriet is a welcome visitor at Brisbane training, which means there is no shortage of babysitters down at the club. Teammates including Jess Wuetschner dote on her. (14/25)

Harriet finds it hard to say bye to mum, though. (15/25)

Hump Day. (16/25)

Golden Hour at training in Yeronga. (17/25)

Game Day. (18/25)

The pre-match nerves extend to the whole family en route to the ground. (19/25)

Supervising mum's warm up. (20/25)

This season Sam is an integral member of Brisbane's leadership group. (21/25)

Looking for options upfield. (22/25)

The Sam Virgo Cheersquad. (23/25)

A tough day at the office is eased by familiar faces in the crowd post-match. (24/25)

There’s always next week. (25/25)