“To be able to play in Brisbane Lions colours means the world to me and my family” - these are the words of Brisbane Lions midfielder, Emma Zielke.

Zielke is among Queensland's most decorated female footballers, being the state captain and two-time Queensland Women Australian Football League (QWAFL) Best and Fairest winner. 

She was taken as one of the Brisbane Lions' priority picks, and is evidently proud to wear the Maroon, Blue and Gold.

“It was a great opportunity for me. I’m so extremely grateful and excited that they picked me as one of their priorities,” Zielke told EON Sports Radio this morning.

Zielke has had an interrupted pre-season campaign after injuring her foot earlier in the year, but is working hard to get herself ready for Round 1 of the 2017 NAB AFL Women’s Competition. 

  Zielke's on track

Now back on the track with her teammates, Zielke has been impressed with the group’s attitude and determination in the harsh Queensland conditions. 

“Training last week was a bit tough, but we’ve got through it and we’re all up and about for the last week of training now.”

“It’s as if we don’t really need to go on a camp because we’ve got enough heat as it is.”

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