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Brisbane Lions three-time premiership winner Jonathan Brown says former Captain Michael Voss is the toughest man to ever play AFL. Even calling him the “William Wallace” of the game.

“He’s tougher than anyone. The toughest man I played with and I have seen. The greatest leader I have seen.”  

Brown revealed this on Nova’s “Browny’s Premiership Reunion” podcast, which celebrates 15 years since the Lions unforgettable 2002 premiership over Collingwood. Each podcast he catches up with a different teammate from the class of 2002.

Voss and Bronwy said this Grand Final was the most taxing of the four straight they would play in. The wet conditions made for a punishing heavy track.

“All I remember in my head was a key word and that was ‘run.’ That was the thing I just kept yelling out to the boys,” Voss said.

The last quarter would go down as one of the most nail-biting in the competition’s history. Only four points separated the Pies and Lions at the end of the third term. Every possession was critical.

“It was just a game where a little bit goes your way, you win.  If it goes against you, you lose an important game.  That’s what I remember of the last quarter,” Voss said.

The Captain was superb in the final quarter- taking crucial contested marks that would clip the Pies chances of scoring. Voss finished the day with 26 disposals and one goal, with many believing he was worthy of the Norm Smith medal.

Instead Collingwood’s Nathan Buckley was awarded the medal. The outrage following the match prompted the AFL to change their voting procedure, as votes were previously collected at three-quarter time.

“It’s flattering that people look back on that and have made a change because of it.  At the same time I thought it went to a worthy winner,” Voss said.

Needless to say, unlike the Pies, he had the satisfaction of hoisting the silverware that afternoon for a second consecutive year.

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