Question: How many great games would it take Cam Rayner to earn another contract extension.

Answer: None.

The 21-year-old provides daily examples with his unwavering positivity and support for his teammates of how to contribute to a team without kicking a footy.

Rayner has claimed a quirky piece of football trivia by signing two new contract extensions without having added to his AFL games tally.

The No.1 draft pick signed a new deal with the Lions at the end of last season which tied him to the Club until the end of 2023.

When he suffered a season ending ACL injury in a pre-season game against the Suns, the Lions asked if he’d like to tack another year onto the deal to make up for the games he was set to miss.

When the reply was “Why don’t we make it two” the Club had no hesitations.

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Cam Rayner Back Running

Cam Rayner has started back running after 10 weeks post surgery.

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Rayner is now a Lion until at least the end of 2025 and said he cherished the connection he had with the Club.

“The relationships I’ve built here and the fact the Club wanted to re-sign me while I was injured means a lot to me,’’ he said.

“It demonstrates how they feel about me and to me the fit is perfect because I just love playing here and love being a part of this football club.

“To be able to play in front of our fans for a few more years to come really excites me.

“I said at the end of last season that we have unfinished business, but I haven’t had the chance to go out there and prove that and that is what drives me every day to work as hard as I can.’’

Lions GM of Football Danny Daly said Rayner had always been a much-loved character at the Club since the day he walked in the door.

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Rayner Re-signs

Cam Rayner extends his contract.

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He said the emerging star had managed to inspire the entire Club with his selfless attitude and willingness to do whatever it took to support his teammates while injured.

“When Cam was ruled out for the season, we decided to offer him a one-year extension on top of the recent extension as a sign of good faith and also how much we value him as a player and a person around the Club,’’ he said.

“Cam has really showed his commitment to the Club and how much he loves his team-mates and discussions between the two parties quickly led to the prospect of a two-year deal.

“Cam was happy with that and we had had no hesitations.’’